Misfire Hand Built Ceramics in Brighton

Hand made in bayside Brisbane

There is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel! Misfire Ceramics are created on the pottery wheel or built by hand, glazed individually and kiln fired to the appropriate temperature depending on the type of clay and desired result. Each piece has passed through my fingers many times; the little dents and imprints the happy result of handmade.  

Misfire Built on Family

Unique, one-off creations

Pottery has been around forever, so I'm certainly not reinventing the wheel (pun intended). The very nature of handmade is that every vessel is the result of mind, body and material working together, sometimes in harmony, sometimes misfiring, but always unique to the hands that have touched it.

Misfire Made to Last Ceramics

Made to last

It is my hope that Misfire creations will keep you company for many, many years - as functional items that become part of your daily ritual or decorative vessels that adorn the spaces where you create, gather, live and relax.

My Videos

My children are grown and happily carrying on with their own families. For me, making ceramics has replaced making sandwiches! My obsession with the pottery wheel and working with glazes is hopefully apparent in every piece I create. I hope you enjoy living with my pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. Just like children, it can be hard to let them go!

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